Blackface Amps 1963-1967

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Beginning in 1963 & manufactured for less than 4 years, the blackface Fender amps are widely considered to be among the best sounding amps ever made.  They are considered by many professional players to be the “holy grail” of tone for blues & rock.  Blackface amps sound absolutely beautiful; with clean, full, round tones at lower volumes.  Turn it up, and you will experience the rich, creamy distortion that has become the very definition of tube overdrive – the sound so many pedals & effects desperately try to emulate.

This was the first line of Fender amps to feature on-board reverb!

These are the amps that were being produced when Leo Fender transferred ownership of the company in January of 1965.  Remember, all blackface Fenders are now approaching 50 years old!  Like an old car, certain maintenance procedures must be practiced in order to keep these amps performing to their full potential and sounding their absolute best.

CBS, the new owners, continued to manufacture these amps unchanged until mid 1967.

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