Common Noise Fix - Plate Resistors

Common Noise Fix - Plate Resistors

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Preamp Plate Resistors

Is your amp getting noisy?  In vintage Fenders, the 100K plate & slope resistors in the preamp tend to get noisy over time (hiss, snap, crackle, pop)!!  That intermittent staticy/crackly sound is often caused by one of three things:

1) Weak or noisy preamp tubes

2) Dirty or loose tube sockets

3) Noisy 100K plate resistors

These 100K plate resistors regulate the high voltage feeding the plates of your preamp tubes.  They often become crackly as the decades roll by.  Replacing these resistors is a big help in reducing the noise floor of your Vintage Fender Amplifier.

No instructions needed.   Simply swap out the old for the new!  The layout diagram of your amp is included- (with the resistors to be swapped out highlighted)!

We use only the highest quality new production carbon comp resistors available.  NOS Allen Bradley resistors are also available to maintain originality.  This is especially useful for maintaining the value of your older blackface amps.

We now have NOS 110K plate resistors Available!!! After servicing hundreds and hundreds of vintage blackface amps and analyzing the best sounding ones, we have found the plate resistors have often drifted well into the 110K range! These NOS 110K resistors maintain the integrity of a well aged circuit in a vintage blackface amp, and help silverface amps get closer to their blackface counterparts.