Vibro Champ/Bronco - Silverface Overhaul Kit

Vibro Champ/Bronco - Silverface Overhaul Kit

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Premium Silverface Overhaul Kits
These premium silverface overhaul kits offer everything you need to get your silverface Fender amplifier sounding & performing it’s best!!  This is our famous premium overhaul kit.

Premium Overhaul Kits include parts & instructions for:

  • Full Electrolytic Recap:  (F&T power filters, Nichicon for the preamp & power tube cathodes).  Dropping resistors included.
  • Signal Cap Upgrade (Mallory 150M series standard, Jupiter upgrade available)
  • Includes Outside Foil Upgrade
  • Preamp cathode bypass resistor optimization
  • Noise Fix 100K plate resistors
  • Power tube resistor upgrade (makes life easier for that 6V6!)

Premium overhaul kits include high quality F&T filter caps.  All preamp tube cathode bypass & bias caps are high quality Nichicon.

We use only the highest quality 1/2w carbon comp resistors for the signal path & circuit board.  Key locations in the circuit have selected measured resistors – vital to optimum performance.  Flameproof metal oxide resistors for the power supply.  Plate resistors & preamp tube cathode bypass resistors are individually selected to be within optimum parameters.

We prouldy offer “Mallory” 150M series capacitors for the signal/coupling caps.  These caps perform exceptionally well in vintage Fender circuits, providing warm, vintage tone;  GREATLY enhancing the sustain, tone & performance of your silverface amplifier! Top shelf Jupiter Condenser upgrades available.

Copies of the original blackface schematic & layout for your amp are included.