Super Six Reverb - Silverface Overhaul Kit

Super Six Reverb - Silverface Overhaul Kit

  • $155.00
  • Save $40

Premium Silverface Overhaul Kits
These premium silverface overhaul kits offer everything you need to get your silverface Fender amplifier sounding & performing it’s best!!  This is our famous premium overhaul kit. Add mods & upgrades available at discounted prices with purchase of our overhaul  kits!
Please Note: These kits are not compatible with the 70W & 135W Ultralinear models!

Premium Overhaul Kits include parts & instructions for:

  • Blackface Mod
  • Full Electrolytic Recap:  (F&T power filters, high quality Nichicon caps for the preamp & bias supply)
  • Signal Cap Upgrade (Mallory 150M series standard, Jupiter upgrade available)
  • Includes Outside Foil Upgrade
  • Preamp cathode bypass resistor optimization
  • Matched power tube resistors
  • Noise Fix 100K plate resistors
  • Reverb/Vibrato in both channels
  • Parts and instructions for adjusting the bias
  • Master Volume removal 

Premium overhaul kits include high quality F&T filter caps.  All preamp tube cathode bypass caps are high quality Nichicon capacitors, specifically chosen for their warm, rich, detailed musical tone.  

We use only the highest quality 1/2w carbon comp resistors for the signal path & circuit board.  Key locations in the circuit have measured & MATCHED PAIRS of resistors – vital to optimum performance and minimum phase cancellation.  Flameproof 1w metal oxide resistors for the power supply.  Plate resistors & preamp tube cathode bypass resistors are individually selected to be within optimum parameters.

We proudly offer “Mallory” 150M series capacitors as standard fare for the signal/coupling caps.  These caps perform exceptionally well in vintage Fender circuits, providing warm, vintage tone;  GREATLY enhancing the sustain, tone & performance of your silverface amplifier! Top shelf Jupiter Condenser upgrades available.

Copies of the original blackface schematic & layout for your amp are included (when applicable – not included in all kits).  The Super Six Reverb circuit is identical to the Twin Reverb circuit of the same year, so the blackface AB763 Twin Reverb schematic and layout is included in this kit. 

Reverb in both channels mod included

ADD SOME MODS & UPGRADES at a discount when you buy our premium overhaul kit!  Customize your vintage Fender to suit your playing style!   Add our easy gain boost, tweed style preamp, sexy vibrato & more!  Convert your master volume into a presence or dwell control!  Every mod & upgrade is discounted to be included with our

*Please Note: These overhaul kits are deigned for the “standard” silverface amps, NOT the ultralinear models.  To see if your silverface amp is ultralinear, look under the speaker jack on the back panel.  ALL 70w or 135w amps are ultralinear and not fully compatible with these kits.*