Bassman AB165 to AA864 Blackface Mod Kit

Bassman AB165 to AA864 Blackface Mod Kit

  • $50.00

Turn your “ok” sounding AB165 bassman head into the best sounding bassman head you’ve ever heard!!  This mod converts your lackluster AB165 bassman head into a KICK ASS guitar amp.   This mod combines the best of both circuits, converting the output section of your AB165 to the revered AA864 Bassman specs.  It keeps the higher gain preamp of the AB165, turning your AB165 bassman into one of the best sounding 50W GUITAR amps you will ever hear!!

This kit includes all of the electrical components, diagrams & written directions you need to convert your AB165 Bassman head into the best sounding Bassman guitar circuit you’ve ever heard!

(Sorry! Tools, solder & wire NOT included).

*Complete, detailed, easy to follow instructions with “before & after” diagrams are included.

*Only the highest quality Sprague Atom electrolytic capacitors are included in this kit.

*Only the highest quality carbon comp resistors are used in the signal path. Flameproof 1W metal oxide resistors are used for the high voltage applications in the bias supply.

*Instructions for reading color codes on resistors included.

BONUS: Certain resistors, vital to optimum performance of your amplifier have been measured & matched by tolerance percentage!! You are getting a matched set for your output section! This ensures maximum efficiency, optimum performance and the best possible tone from your Fender! Not only are you converting the circuit, you are optimizing the output stage!

The tolerance normally associated with resistors makes it almost impossible to find matched sets unless you have hundreds & hundreds to choose from, & the time to sort through them all.

We have taken readings on literally thousands of resistors and spent countless hours putting these matched sets together. Why? Because matched sets sound MUCH better than unmatched! Most kits on the market today do not take the time to provide this important service.

As a bonus, the necessary resistors & detailed instructions on how to properly set the bias of your newly modded amp (using only a multimeter & calculator) are included.