Matched Power Tube Resistors

  • $4.00
  • Save $2

Resistors on the power tubes of vintage Fender amps take some serious abuse.  They handle a lot of juice and endure some serious physical stress from the heat of the tubes.  This causes them to burn & drift over time.

It is important to match the resistors on your power tubes if you want the best tone possible.   This is especially important if you shell out the big bucks for matched sets of power tubes or vintage NOS matched tubes.  What’s the point of matched tubes if they are being fed different operating voltages?  These sets are perfect compliments to our blackface mod kits.

Power tube resistor upgrade kits include one matched set of resistors for the output tubes of your vintage Fender amplifier.  The 1K5 1/2w are high quality carbon comps.  The 470Ω screen resistors are flameproof 1W metal oxide for stability and reliability.

No instructions needed.  Simply swap out the old resistors on your power tubes for these new matched sets.

This is recommended maintenance for all blackface & silverface Fender amplifiers.*

This is also a recommended upgrade for your Champ, Vibro Champ, Bronco, Princeton Reverb or non-reverb Princeton amplifier! (Instructions & diagrams for installing in a Princeton are included upon request at no extra charge).