135W / 70W Ultralinear Recap Kits

135W / 70W Ultralinear Recap Kits

  • $79.00

These amps hit the market in late 1977, and are considerably different from their 100W & 45W predecessors, with different transformers and power filtering requirements.  To see which model Twin Reverb, Pro Reverb or Super Reverb you have, look under the speaker output jack in the back.  If it reads 135W or 70W,  you have an ultralinear model.  If it reads 100w or 45w, you have a standard model and will need the standard silverface recap kit.

F&T Electrolytic Recap Kit. Actual contents of kit vary by model.

These kits use high quality F&T caps for the power filters and bias caps, and a special large body Nichicon capacitor for the cathode bypass caps in the preamp.  These caps have been specifically selected for their tone and quality.

Please note that 22uf is equivalent to 25uf for preamp caps and 20uf for power filters.  These caps have a 20% tolerance swing, and the 22 vs 25 (or 20) label literally depends on what country the product is marketed for.  25 or 20 for the US, 22 everywhere else in the world! 

Detailed instructions and diagrams are also included, as well as new dropping resistors for the power supply! 

 These kits have the necessary, stock value 220uf main power filters required for the UL models.