F&T - Silverface Electrolytic Recap Kits

F&T - Silverface Electrolytic Recap Kits

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If you are recapping a silverface amp, you will need the silverface electrolytic recap kit.


You will need the 70w/135w UL recap kit for 70w/135w UL amps.  Please check to see which model you have in you are uncertain.  The power level is written below the speaker jack on the back panel.  

These kits are compatible with stock silverface amps and silverface amps with the blackface mod.  

It is common practice for amp techs to replace all of the electrolytic capacitors in an amp every ten years or so. 

The filter caps for the power supply in these kits are German made F&T caps (Fischer & Tausche – F&T have been making premium caps since the 40’s).  We have discovered that – as far as power filters go –  these caps are electronically superior to the popular Sprague Atoms (the old industry standard before they changed their chemical/electrolytic formula).  They have more accurate capacitance readings and consistently lower ESR (equivalent series resistance). Low ESR facilitates a more efficient & accurate circuit, enabling more efficient circuit function.  As power filters, F&Ts perform BEAUTIFULLY in vintage Fenders.

(Please note we have started using a single MOD power filter in the Champ kits next to two F&Ts in oder to get the PERFECT first stage value w/out sacrificing sound or performance quality!). 

The cathode bypass caps in these kits are all high quality Nichicon capacitors.  We found a special 'large body' cap that sounds incredible in a vintage Fender!  These caps do a great job in the preamp, facilitating full, detailed, rich musical performance from your preamp tubes. 

Please note that 22uf is equivalent to 25uf for preamp caps and 20uf for power filters.  These caps have a 20% tolerance swing, and the 22 vs 25 (or 20) label literally depends on what country the product is marketed for.  25 or 20 for the US, 22 everywhere else in the world! 

Dropping resistors for the power supply are included in all kits as a courtesy!

These caps perform several duties.

  • The filter caps literally filter the high voltage used by your amplifier.  Good fresh filter caps help reduce hum and background noise.
  • High quality caps sound rich, musical and clear.  Cheap caps can sound muddy and cause odd noises and circuit problems.  
  • They keep your bottom end response tight and punchy.

The electrolytic bypass caps in the preamp determine the operating & tonal characteristics of the preamp tubes.

Dropping resistors for the power supply are included as a courtesy

Detailed instructions and diagrams are included in these kits! 

These caps wear out & drift over time.  These caps can also dry up & malfunction (especially when left unused).  This can cause serious damage to your amplifier.

Princeton & Champ note: These recap kits replace the old cap cans with new, individual power filters. We have found the tone, reliability and performance of modern cans to be far below our standards. This also has the optional advantage of keeping the original appearance of the amp! You can keep the original can in place and install the new individual caps inside the chassis.

(Please note we have started using a single MOD power filter in the Champ kits next to two F&Ts in oder to get the PERFECT first stage value w/out sacrificing sound or performance quality!). 

WE NOW OFFER TWO KITS for the Princeton and Princeton Reverb!  Our 'standard' PR kit has the four main filters and three dropping resistors, exactly like the original setup for those wanting to keep the original setup.  However, this utilizes an 'unnecessary' and unused extra dropping stage, requiring an extra cap and resistor that is not essential.  Our 'optimized' version of the kit eliminates this extra cap and resistor, and gives you a three cap power supply.  The last resistor value is changed to accommodate, giving you identical voltages to the preamp as the original 4 cap setup.  The three caps are more than adequate and are actually neater and easier to install!  This also saves a few bucks!  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!