Champ (blackface, silverface, tweed) - Tube Set

  • $75.00

1 Tube Chart explaining the function of each tube position!

Bias Instructions. Detailed instructions for setting the bias of your amp using only two resistors (included), a multimeter & calculator.

1 x TAD 6V6 power tube.  Real blackplate tubes!  This DOES make a major difference in tone.  Your choice of “RCA style” or “GE style”.  Both sound amazing.  Warm, full & rich.  Make a note at checkout telling us which style you prefer, or leave it up to us!  If no preference is stated, we’ll choose.

1 x Tung-Sol 12AX7 tubes. These are our favorite current production tubes for the first preamp stage.  They sound great!

1 x Sovtek 5Y3 Rectifier