Sprague Atom - Silverface Electrolytic Recap Kit

Sprague Atom - Silverface Electrolytic Recap Kit

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If you are recapping a silverface amp, you will need the silverface electrolytic recap kit.


It is common practice for amp techs to replace all of the electrolytic capacitors in an amp every ten years or so.

These caps perform two duties.

The filter caps literally filter the high voltage used by your amplifier.  Good fresh filter caps help reduce hum and background noise.  They also keep your bottom end response tight.

The electrolytic bypass caps in the preamp determine the operating & tonal characteristics of the preamp tubes.

These caps wear out & drift over time.  These caps can also dry up & malfunction (especially when left unused).  This can cause serious damage to your amplifier.

Good, fresh filter caps are vital for optimum performance from your vintage Fender amplifier.

The filter caps, bias cap & cathode bypass caps in these kits are all Sprague Atoms, made in the USA.  Those little guys also do a great job in the preamp, allowing full, rich, musical tone capability for your preamp tubes.

*Please Note: We do not offer Sprague Atom recap kits for the Princeton & Champ models due to size restrictions. Please see our F&T recap kits for recapping a blackface or silverface Princeton or Champ*