Princeton Reverb - Tube Set

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These premium tube sets include:

1 Tube Chart explaining the function of each tube position!

2 x Electro-Harmonix 6V6 power tubesTAD 6V6s are no longer in production, so we have carefully selected our next favorite, the Electro-Harmonix 6V6!  This tube is actually very close to the vintage US 6V6 construction and gives the closest tone to a true vintage 6V6 out of all modern production 6V6s that we have tried in vintage Fender circuits.  

3 x Tung-Sol 12AX7 tubes. These are our favorite current production tubes, especially for the first preamp stage.  They sound great!  Big, fat, warm and rich with lots of harmonic detail and a sweet top end.  

1 x NOS/NIB Phillips military spec 12AT7 tube. These are the best possible tubes for your reverb driver.  They out-perform and usually far outlive any current production 12AT7.

1 x Rectifier Tube. Either a 5U4GB (silverface) or a 5AR4 (=GZ34 for blackface amps).  Your choice.  It is highly recommended that you stick with the rectifier tube your amp was designed for.  

Princeton Reverb amps are 'non-adjustable fixed bias'.  This means a single, fixed resistor determines the bias point of your power tubes.  No 'bias adjustment' needed, just pop in your new tubes and enjoy!