Princeton Reverb - Tube Set

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These premium tube sets include:

2 x TAD 6V6 MATCHED power tubes.  These sound amazing!  Read the “Tone Quest Report” review on the main tube set page!  Warm, full & rich with that beautiful background shimmer. FAR superior to most other current production 6V6 tubes out there.

1 x NOS/NIB Phillips military spec 12AT7 tube. This is the best possible tube for your reverb driver.  It out-performs and out lives any current production 12AT7.

2 x Tung-Sol 12AX7 tubes. These are our favorite current production tubes for the preamp stages.  They sound great in Fender circuits!  Warm and full, not hard and edgy like most current production 12AX7s.

1 x TAD 12AX7 tubes. These tubes perform exceptionally well in the reverb recovery stage.  Very quiet!

1 x Rectifier Tube. Either a 5U4GB or a GZ34 (5AR4).  Your choice.