Twin, Dual Showman, Super 6, Quadverb (Reverb) - Tube Set

  • $249.00

These premium tube sets include:

1 Tube Chart explaining the function of each tube position!

Bias Instructions Detailed instructions for setting the bias of your amp using only four resistors (included), a multimeter & calculator.

4 x TAD 6L6 MATCHED power tubes.  Real blackplate tubes!  This DOES make a major difference in tone.  Warm, full & rich with detailed mids, round top end & lush, creamy overdrive.

2 x NOS/NIB Phillips military spec 12AT7 tubes. These are the best possible tubes for your phase inverter & reverb driver.  They out perform any current production 12AT7.  You are getting a selected, balanced tube for your PI.

4 x Tung-Sol 12AX7 tubes. These are our favorite current production 12AX7 tubes, especially for the first preamp stage.  They sound great!  Big, fat, warm and rich with lots of harmonic detail and a sweet top end.