Premium Tube Sets

Our premium tube sets contain a full tube compliment for your vintage Fender amp.  Tube type and quantity depend on the specific model Fender you are buying for.  Select your model in the list below and you'll be shipped a set of tubes that have been selected based on the way they specifically sound and perform at different points in your Fender amplifier's circuit.

PLEASE NOTE: THE TUBES IN THE PHOTO MAY BE DIFFERENT TO THE TUBES OFFERED IN YOUR SPECIFIC SET!!!  Due to supply chain issues this year our standard tubes have changed.  Please refer to the written description for specific details on the tubes you will receive.   

TAD 6V6s are no longer in production, so we now proudly offer Electro-Harmonix 6V6 power tubes.  We still have access to TAD black plate 6L6s but we are now buying bulk cases of 50 matched tubes and shipping matched pairs and quads in white tube boxes.  This change allowed us to keep our prices set while tube cost went up - you are not paying for the orange box!