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We’re working on uploading every Fender schematic & layout diagram we can get our hands on!  These will be available to view or download in PDF format.  We’re starting with the blackface amps, adding what few silverface “updates” are out there, and then moving on to the tweed, blonde & brown amps.  This is a very tedious and time consuming process!  If you are looking for a specific schematic and don’t see it yet, drop us a line at:  We probably have what you’re looking for.

Super Reverb AB763 layout

Super Reverb AB763 schematic

2 Responses to “Schematics”

  1. Mike Buckley says:

    Looking for a 70s Fender Bassman 100 layout. Schematics are everywhere but can’t find the layout diagram. Your assistance would be much appreciated! And compensated!

    Best regards,

    Mike Buckley

    • admin says:

      It seems like Fender stopped producing layout diagrams in the early 70’s. I have unfortunately never seen a layout diagram for any of the later 70’s amps, only schematics.